Coronavirus outbreak: 2 Palo Alto students sent home from school for possible exposure to COVID-19

PALO ALTO, Calif. (KGO) -- Two students in Palo Alto schools were sent home Friday afternoon after district officials learned they might have been exposed to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Cleaning crews wearing protective gear were disinfecting doorknobs, water fountains, and classrooms at J.L. Stanford Middle School.

Cleaning was also happening at Palo Alto High School, after district officials learned Friday a parent of two students was possibly exposed to coronavirus.

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On the school district's website Superintendent Don Austin said, "As a precautionary measure, the district immediately took action and the two students were sent home and will be excluded from attending school until we receive more information."

Some people attending Saturday sporting events at Palo Alto High didn't know about the virus scare.

"I'm concerned," said basketball referee Clark Simmons. "I'm a teacher as well. It's airborne - Come into contact with it, I think we're being caught with our pants down because we're not prepared for it."

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"I'm more concerned with older people in the community with health issues. The rest of us if we get it, we can fight it," said one parent.

School officials said in the online statement, the district is closely monitoring the situation.

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