Palo Alto organization raising funds to help after massive quake in Mexico

PALO ALTO, Calif. (KGO) -- The program Neighbors Abroad of Palo Alto has raised a total of $3,500 to aid with earthquake recovery efforts in Oaxaca Mexico.

Oaxaca was one of the states hit hardest by the 8.2-magnitude quake, which rattled Southern Mexico Sept. 7 leaving 96 people dead.

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Bob Wenzlau, President of Neighbors Abroad of Palo Alto, said the donations will go directly to Crecemos to rebuild an orphanage which was destroyed in the quake.

"We are holding the money until we know the best place to place it. We have an ongoing commitment to send fire vehicles down to Oaxaca. I think right now even the spirit of support is really important to the Oaxaqueños," said Wenzlau.

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Palo Alto and Oaxaca have been sister cities since the 1960s. The organization includes a student-exchange program and has a history of donating service vehicles.

"We have an ongoing commitment to send fire vehicles down to Oaxaca," said Wenzlau, who hopes to raise another $6,500 for recovery aid.

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To date, Neighbors Abroad has donated a total of 14 vehicles.

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