Flights from SFO to Paris affected by attacks

SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (KGO) -- Flights in and out of Paris have been affected by Friday's attacks.

Just about the time the President of France announced he was closing his country's borders, an Air France jet was scheduled to depart at 3 p.m. from SFO. That flight took off as scheduled.

Many other United States carriers are reevaluating the situation. American Airlines has suspended its flights to Paris. Other U.S. carriers are continuing to fly out of the city.

Security inside the international terminal appears to be at normal levels. SFO says it adjusts security measures based on directives from the TSA, and so far, there has not been any order to increase security.

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The four non-stop Paris flights, two outbound and two inbound, have already departed.

SFO is a major international gateway and that means passengers could be flying to France via other European cities. A flight operated by the Irish carrier, Aer Lingus, does just that. It left after 4 p.m. for Dublin, then after a two and a half hour layover, continued on to Paris.

A young graduate student from San Ramon, who goes to school in the Netherlands, said in a week she is scheduled to take a group of international students to France. The student said she is a concerned about taking young students to France and will take guidance from her school in the Netherlands as to whether that trip should continue.

Homeland Security in Washington is saying there is no specific or credible threat to the United States; however, it is not hesitating to say it will adjust security measures as warranted.

The two outbound flights to Paris out of SFO Saturday are set to depart as scheduled. Since France has closed its broders, anyone taking the flights should contact their carriers.

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