Student at SF French school at soccer stadium during Paris attacks

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A student at the Alliance Francaise School of San Francisco is among those who escaped from the soccer stadium during Friday's Paris attacks.

School officials say the student was at the soccer match between Germany and France. The student told the school he is safe and at home after navigating his way through the streets of Paris. Other students at the school are also traveling abroad.

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The student said he heard explosions and then the game was stopped, spectators were then evacuated to the middle of the field and then evacuated out of the stadium.

Pascal Lederman is the executive director of the school and he said he is shocked and outraged at what has happened in Paris and he is staying in touch with those students overseas.

"This is a horrible tragedy, it's never happened before to that extent," Lederman said.

Lederman said he canceled an event that was planned at the school on Saturday just to be on the safe side.

"Just stay low-key for the moment," Lederman said.

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