Peanut app helps moms make friends, plan playdates

PHILADELPHIA (KGO) -- A new app is helping mothers connect with each other to make new friends and plan playdates for their children.

The Peanut App helps mothers find like-minded buddies with just a few swipes.

Users create a profile with how many kids they have, and then pick a few words to describe themselves.

Similar to dating apps, users swipe up to "wave" and if two users wave to each other, it's a match.

Some moms say finding new friends can be just as hard as dating. "You kind of need some friends who understand your new circumstance and your new life," Peanut App co-founder and CEO Michelle Kennedy said.

The Peanut App seems to be helping, with more than one million waves sent so far.

Click here to learn more and download the app.
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