People wait in long lines to get tech support for gifts

Friday, December 26, 2014
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Crowds braved long lines at Best Buy Friday to return or get tech support for Christmas gifts they just bought.

If Santa Claus brought you a piece of technology for Christmas, there's a good chance he didn't stick around to help you get it up and running.

If you went Best Buy for tech support from Geek Squad, you weren't alone. "It's a lot of people. it's a very long line," one man said.

A line full of people who ripped open their presents and found something wrong. "When I turned it on, it didn't work," one boy said.

Some problems are clear cut. "The memory card or the battery would not fit," one man said.

Other problems are a bit fuzzy, some are hard to describe and a few are disastrous.

One man ABC7 News spoke with said Best Buy had a food truck park outside because the company knew customers would get hungry.

But even a day after the holiday, the Christmas spirit is alive and well in those long lines. Not everyone's was there for help with a gift they just got. A lot of folks were there for help with gifts they've given to other people.

George Park got a laptop for his little brother. "I feel like it's my gift and I should be the one to return it and make sure that I get him a working computer," he said.

It's the giving spirit or maybe it's just guilt.