Most popular pet names 2019: Where does your pet's name rank?

NOVATO, Calif. (KGO) -- What is the name of your pet? Did you try to find something distinctive and unique? Did you succeed? Now, you can find out.

A website named did some research about that, and has posted the results.

ABC7's Wayne Freedman dove deep on the subject... sort of.

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It could be the beginning of the rest of his life for a terrier mix puppy who began this day at Marin Humane.

"When you saw him, you thought?" we asked Debra Amerson.

"Let's get a puppy."

"He's the one," confirmed her friend, Barbara Hoefle. They spent the morning getting to know him while pondering small questions and big ones. Like the temporary name that Marin Humane had given him, Milo.

"We might change the name. I like this name but we might change the name," said Debra.

"What is your dog's name?" she asked Wayne.

If she must know...Lyla, a pitbull dachshund mix, but that's beside the point.

Names have become a common topic among dog people across America.

It's a talking point that actually mattered to dog on Thursday after, in what must have been a blatant quest for publicity, an internet site named published a list of our most popular pet names.

For dogs, they're Max and Bella.

For cats, Oliver and Luna.

You may have noticed that they all share one common element. They are people names.

"There is a dog that comes here that has my name. Larry," said Larry Davidovitz. "It's great but when people call him, it gets confusing."

Back at Marin Humane, we asked why names like Spot and Skipper have disappeared. Keri Fennell would know. She names about a thousand pets a year. "So they can be part of a family. They no longer live outside. We want that connection."

As for Debra and Barbara, they learned that the name Milo is number six on that list. That wouldn't do for their new terrier mix.

"It's just too popular."

Moments later, they whittled it down.

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"This is Theo," said Debra.

"Teddy," corrected Barbara.

"We'll work it out in the car," said Debra.

As for the complete list of dog names, see below:

1 Max / Bella
2 Charlie / Luna
3 Cooper / Lucy
4 Buddy / Daisy
5 Rocky / Lily
6 Milo / Zoe
7 Jack / Lola
8 Bear / Molly
9 Duke / Sadie
10 Teddy / Bailey

And cats?

1 Oliver / Luna
2 Leo / Bella
3 Milo / Lucy
4 Charlie / Kitty

5 Max / Lily
6 Jack / Nala
7 Simba / Chloe
8 Loki / Sophie
9 Oscar / Daisy
10 Jasper / Stella

Finally, from the Department of Social Security, here are the top baby names from 2018.

1 Liam / Emma
2 Noah / Olivia
3 William / Ava
4 James / Isabella
5 Oliver / Sophia
6 Benjamin / Charlotte
7 Elijah / Mia
8 Lucas / Amelia
9 Mason / Harper
10 Logan / Evelyn

Frankly.........oh, never mind.

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