Baby animals abound this Spring in the South Bay

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- They're cute but not for cuddling! It's spring and that means baby animal season.

The Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley has taken in hundreds of orphaned, baby animals -- from ducklings to possums and most recently four coyote pups. Their mother was hit and killed by a car.

The WCSV is asking people to be prepared so they can peacefully co-exist with wildlife in the peak seasons of spring and summer.

The Executive Director said animals are looking for the best places to have babies and it's best if that place is not a residential backyard.

To discourage this, WCSV suggests not leaving pet food outside, picking up fallen fruit from trees, keeping garbage cans secured, and sealing off anywhere animals can get into; sheds, crawl spaces, and raised decks.

Homeowners can also put ammonia-soaked rags in pots around the yard to deter animals.

Tree trimming should also wait, as squirrels and birds make their nests in the branches.

If people do need to trim the trees, they should first check for nests.

If a nest is found with hatchlings or eggs inside-- it is illegal to disturb it.

Pool owners can also take precautions.

Pools should be covered to prevent ducklings and other small animals from getting stuck and drowning.

Using large inflatable pool toys in the shape of animals or brightly colored beach balls will also discourage aquatic birds from settling in the area.

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