Baby chimp named Lily rescued after being kept as a pet in small cage

A baby chimpanzee named Lily is getting some extra love and attention after she was rescued and taken to the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Sierra Leone.

The sanctuary says before Lily came to them she was being kept as a pet and housed in a small cage.

She was underweight and suffering from some health problems when they found her.

Lily is believed to be about a year old.

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The sanctuary share a video on its Facebook page. It shows Lily being spoon fed by the veterinary nurse monitoring her.

"Lily's health is improving slowly and we are waiting for test results for a comprehensive diagnosis," said the sactuary.

"You can support us to care for Lily and other orphan baby chimps by joining the Giving Day for Apes campaign to raise vital funds for the chimpanzees in our care," posted the sanctuary on its Facebook.

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