Bear cub found in Placer County dumpster with no fur recovering

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A 1-year-old bear cub that was found in a dumpster last month by a Good Samaritan in Placer County is recovering thanks to a wildlife center.

A 1-year-old bear cub that was found last month by a Good Samaritan in Placer County is doing great.

The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center posted new pictures of Eve on its Facebook page.

They named her Eve because she was found before Christmas, suffering from serious mange and had almost no fur.

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The wildlife center says Eve has been spending the rainy days snuggled up in her nest.

The message they posted on their Facebook page reads, "each day she explores her room and begins selecting items to shred and then drags them into her igloo to build a nest for the night.

She's quite diligent and it's always interesting to see what she ends up with. Later this week, we will begin adding straw bedding. I wonder if she'll simply make a cozy nest out of the straw or if she'll add her furs, palm fronds, blankets, etc. I'll be sure to let you know!"

Volunteers said Eve has a long recovery ahead of her. "Our hopes are that she'll make a full recovery and hopefully be able to spend next Christmas Eve in the wild, where she belongs."
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