VIDEO: Coyote spotted lounging behind bush near San Francisco's Coit Tower

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A San Francisco man out walking his dog spotted a coyote lounging behind a bush near Coit Tower.

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Ryan Rudin shared video of the encounter. It shows his dog "Rocky" in the foreground while the coyote calmly rests behind the pooch.

The coyote, appears relaxed as it turns its head toward Rudin and his dog and doesn't lift a paw.

People have reported seeing more coyotes out and about as COVID-19 keeps people indoors.

A nature photographer spotted a coyote exploring Kirby Cove, a beach area with views of the Golden Gate Bridge, on April 9.

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A coyote was also caught on camera closely following a couple walking their tiny dog outside ABC7's station in San Francisco in late March.

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