RUN, BEAR, RUN! Cub spotted sprinting around Yuba City neighborhood

YUBA CITY, Calif. (KGO) -- A bear cub was spotted going for a run through a Yuba City neighborhood.

In the video, the little bear is seen running along the sidewalk.

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It was shared on Facebook on the city of Yuba City's official page.

The Facebook post reads:

"Our officers responded to a call of a bear sighting near Buttehouse Road and Harter Parkway last night. We arrived and confirmed it was in fact a bear, likely a cub as it was estimated to be just over 5' tall and about 125 lbs. Upon contacting Fish and Game, we were advised to allow the bear to leave the area on its own so it could find its way back to its habitat. We did this but later received a call at around 2:30 this morning of a bear sighting in the area of Ainsley and Gray Avenue. We responded and found the same bear in that area. The responding officers were able to confine bear to a field in the area of Williams Way and Gray Avenue where it climbed a tree and remained in the tree with the assistance of Sutter County K9 Enzo."

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