Customers startled by snake on man's head at Houston pizza shop

HOUSTON, Texas -- Customers at Luigi's Pizza were in for a major surprise when they visited the pizza shop Sunday afternoon.

ABC13 reporter Christine Dobbyn was among customers who became startled when they spotted the snake hanging out on top of its owner's head.

Dobbyn and her photographer Anthony Reed were stopping to get lunch after a story, when Dobbyn spotted the snake out of the corner of her eye. She said she was only feet away from the foot-long snake and quickly backed away.

Other customers spotted the snake lingering on its owner's head and neck as well, making it the biggest attraction of the night.

Dobbyn says many people went up to the snake's owner and asked him friendly questions.

Our news crew says people were excited and astonished to see how well behaved the animal was. It's not immediately clear if any complaints were made.

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