Dogs, cats from Texas arrive in Hayward after Hurricane Harvey

HAYWARD, Calif. (KGO) -- More than 60 dogs and cats from Texas are arriving in the East Bay Sunday.

The Hurricane Harvey rescues were flown in on a private plane that just landed in Hayward.

It took Hurricane Irma to bring Ebony Gaines and her new friendly feline together. "For everything that she's gone through, you can tell that she's very resilient, loving and playful," said Gaines.

Now she's just one adoption form away from becoming family.

The Bay Area Pet Fair hopes 1,500 other families will make the same decision to adopt.

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"They're not second-hand animals, they're not damaged animals, they're just good animals that found themselves in the wrong situation. Our goal here is to get them in the right situation, the right home," said Mike Murray, the Director of Pet Food Express.

Most of the animals at the Pet Fair are local, but dozens have been flown in from shelters in Florida and Texas.

On Sunday 33 dogs and 30 cats were loaded onto a private plane in Houston.

"We have absolutely, almost to the pound, the weight capacity that this plane can carry full of animals," said Lynne Tingle, with the Milo Foundation.

The animals will find new permanent homes in the Bay Area thanks in part to groups like The Milo Foundation.

"They're saying that we're here to adopt Harvey animals because we know that they really need a place," said Tingle.

Some of the cats and dogs are in pretty rough shape but Tingle says that hasn't stopped families from falling in love.

"Probably half the first load of animals from Harvey went to foster homes that are failed foster homes because they're actually adopting their dog," said Tingle.

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