EXCLUSIVE: City leaders vow to shut down suspected East Oakland puppy mill

EAST OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- An animal activist is leading the charge to shut down a suspected east Oakland puppy mill. Sources say it's been in existence for more than three years, operating right under the noses of animal services.

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Parked at the end of Douglas Avenue in East Oakland, sits A broken down RV. It's where Carmella Harris lives.

Harris calls herself a dog lover and right now, she has four mini Doberman Pinchers.

But according to animal advocate, Margie Lewis, that's a lie.

Lewis said, "She's breeding those dogs and she's selling them -- 30 dogs over a period of I'm sure of three years."

ABC7 News has obtained photos of eight dogs Lewis rescued during two visits to Carmella's RV.

She paid nearly $300.

Lewis said, "She brought them outside they were filthy, dirty, covered in their own feces, you could smell it. They could hardly stand in there."

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Lewis called Oakland Animal Services and the police.

No one said much to us either - other than- it's an open investigation.
Eric Zuercher from Oakland Animal Services, "There has been contact with this situation."

Carmella Harris, meantime, said, "Animal control did come and said whatever, they were lying, all dogs were healthy."

Even now, two unfixed males and two unfixed females remain there -- violating Oakland's own municipal code.

ABC7 News showed Oakland City Councilman, Noel Gallo, the photos of the rescued dogs in cages.

He admitted, "We don't sometimes move as fast as we should. "

Sources tell me the City of Oakland will take action this week and that means serving a search warrant, getting into that RV, citing or even charging the owner, and removing those dogs.

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