ONLY ON ABC7NEWS.COM: San Jose family says dogs who mauled their pet to death still on the loose

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- A San Jose woman is pleading for answers after her dog was mauled to death during an attack that was caught on camera. She says two dogs from her neighborhood are to blame - and they're still on the loose.

San Jose Animal Care and Services was working with the owner of the dogs responsible for the attack and says there was a plan for those dogs to be surrendered Wednesday afternoon, but their owner had a change of heart and the dogs are still in hiding.

Last Thursday, Jen Adams found her beloved dog "Dayzee" bloody and near death.

"She was right here. She was in the dirt. She didn't make it even onto the cement," Adams recalled. It was a horrifying discovery she'll never forget. "I walked out and she's standing up, leaning over, and her insides were spilling out."

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A San Jose woman says the family dog was mauled to death in its own yard, and the dogs responsible are still on the loose.

Dayzee had been brutally attacked. Surveillance video shows two German Shepherds next door break through a fence, grab Dayzee by the neck, then tear her body apart during a mauling that lasted six minutes. Adams says when she found her dog, she screamed and grabbed a towel to cover it and shield her children from seeing everything.

"I called the vet and they said we needed towels to pick up her body and organs," she said. "We get her in the car and they said it was the most brutal attack they'd ever seen."

Dayzee's injuries were so severe she had to be put to sleep. Animal Control was called. There was a hole in the fence where the dogs broke through, but those neighbors aren't cooperating.

"They didn't come over. They didn't call. They didn't do anything," Adams said. "So, Animal Control was able to come and went over there and they wouldn't answer their door, so they couldn't confiscate the animals."

ABC7 News also knocked on the neighbors but did no one answered.

The dogs are now gone. Animal Control returned to the house and told ABC7 News the owner won't reveal where the dogs are.

"The location where the dogs are currently at, are they going to do the same thing? Are they going to be able to escape? So obviously, we want to find where the dogs are at and be able to make sure the safety of the public isn't jeopardized," explained Capt. Jay Terrado with San Jose Animal Care and Services.

Animal Control says that with the video evidence, the case is strong. A hearing will be set and if the dogs are deemed dangerous, the owner will be required to follow certain guidelines which include getting muzzles, harnesses, and behavior training.

"They need to follow the rules not let this happen again. It's too scary," Adams said.
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