Meow! East Bay city joins forces with volunteers to control cat over-population

PITTSBURG, Calif. (KGO) -- In an effort to help build a better Bay Area, ABC7 found some dedicated animal lovers who are teaming with the city of Pittsburg to try humanely manage the over-population of "community" cats in neighborhoods.

You can find volunteer Linda Rodgers most nights near the Pittsburg waterfront, calling her cats for dinner.

The cats aren't really hers, but she knows most of these feral or "community" cats by name.

Rodgers and her husband Founded Project Delta View Cats, to humanely manage the city's feline over-population.

Dedicated feeding stations have been set up near the marina and lots of regulars show up.

"We wanted to give back to our city, a way to educate residents about spay and neutering of community cats and their pets," said Rodgers.

Rodgers' and her volunteers have partnered with the city on the project which involves catching the wild cats in humane traps and getting them spayed, neutered and vaccinated.

"Even when we trap a cat it's a joy to bring it back spayed or neutered," Rodgers added.

A recent video clip shows one cat getting released back to the only home it has ever known.

The program seems unusual but officials say it's working. In the past year, 125 cats have been trapped and returned.

"It's created awareness in our community, we can help community cats in a managed way," said Beth Ward, Contra Costa County Animal Services Director.

Ward says relocating the cats someplace else would only allow other cats to move in.

the cats are still wild but some are getting social and could be headed for adoption in a forever home.

If you'd like to learn more about the project go here.

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