Beautiful drone video shows rare albino dolphin in Monterey Bay

MONTEREY, Calif. -- New video shows a breathtaking sight off the coast of Monterey Bay. A rare albino dolphin was spotted swimming with its pod of gray dolphins.

VIDEO: Rare albino baby dolphin spotted in Monterey Bay

Risso's dolphins are normally gray and feed only on squid, but a drone captured the white dolphin on September 20.

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Monterey Bay Whale Watch shared the video.

According to marine biologist Nancy Black of Monterey Bay Whale Watch, the unique dolphin was first seen just over a year ago in the bay and has been spotted just a few times since.

VIDEO: Dolphins having fun with whales in Monterey Bay

And just when we thought the view couldn't get any more amazing, a humpback whale gracefully appears at the end of the video and shoots a rainbow from its blowhole!