Rattlesnakes keep returning to the same Benicia home

BENICIA, Calif. (KGO) -- Very aggressive Northern Pacific Rattlesnakes seem to keep returning to a house in Benicia.

Lou Fraser is with Rattlesnake Removal USA. The homeowner called him for help.

She's not the only one.

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He said, "I started in Dixon, then St. Helena, then Santa Rosa, now in Benicia, Fairfield, after this."

All of this was in just one day.

With snake season now in full swing - people really need to watch out for these suburban surprises!

Bella Trujillo is the homeowner who found the snakes at her front door.

She said, "We were like, 'Step back go back go backwards don't go there!'"

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A bite from one of these snakes could lead, not only to severe pain, but even amputation, nerve damage, and internal bruising.

And so this specialized team made up of Lou and his dog, Peaches, was called in.

Peaches is the only snake sniffing dog in all of California and often times, she'll go in first.

Peaches found the third and smallest rattlesnake.

All of the snakes will be released in a large open space near Truckee.

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