SFPD looking for two Pit Bulls, owner who took off after attack at Dolores Park

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- San Francisco Police need the public's help in finding a man and his two dogs. They say the owner took off shortly after his pit bulls attacked another dog at Mission Dolores Park on Sunday. The attack led to injuries to not only the dog but to the people who tried to break it up.

Mission Dolores Park is generally a haven for dog owners and their pets.

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"It's a great place to take our dogs. We've got our dogs off-leash. Most dogs are really well-trained," said Chris Schultz, a San Francisco dog owner and Dolores Park regular.

Sunday's attack happened in the grassy area above the basketball court. Officers say the two pit bulls attacked a Lhasapoo named Bloom. Bloom suffered puncture wounds to her back. Four people who tried to separate the animals were also bitten.

This incident has alarmed the dog park community. People we talked with say the two pit bulls and their owner do not appear to be among the park's regulars. Police say the owner left the scene without providing any identification or any information regarding the dogs' vaccination records.

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Officers searched the surrounding area, but were unable to find them.

"In my mind you would stay around to make sure that the dog is okay or if the other dog or the attack dog needed medical attention," said Hampton Rosenzweig, a San Francisco dog owner and Dolores Park regular.

"If he knows his dogs are aggressive dogs and they are incapable of being in an environment like this then that's his responsibility to acknowledge that and keep them on a leash," said Sam Rose, another San Francisco dog owner and Dolores Park regular.

Anyone with information is urged to call SFPD's Vicious and Dangerous Dog Unit -- (415) 553-9182.

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