This year's Budweiser Super Bowl ad will once again leave you in tears


While Go Daddy is dealing with the backlash to their puppy-themed Super Bowl commercial, Budweiser almost certainly has another hit on its hands with a follow up to last year's puppy ad.

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"Lost Dog" continues the story of the puppy, who must find his way home after accidentally wandering off.

Watching the puppy alone in the rain as soulful rendition of "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" plays in the background is enough to make even the toughest football fan misty-eyed.

Ultimately, the puppy does find his way home and is happily reunited with his owner and his best buddy Clydesdale.

Budweiser calls it "a heartwarming story about best buds never letting you down."

Last year's Budweiser commercial, introduced the lovable puppy to America. Viewed well over 55 million times on YouTube, it was a crowd favorite, with many saying it was the best commercial from last year's game.

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