Dog owners say pups fell ill after playing in San Francisco park

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- At least two dog owners say their pets became ill after romping in a popular San Francisco park.

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Both dogs visited Precita Park in Bernal Heights.

Two-and-a-half-year-old Magic as a whirl of energy and curiosity until she played in Precita Park last Thursday, according to her owner Linda. "She just started laying around and not moving," she said. "I was so scared -- my neighbor told me about his dog eating grass, foaming at the mouth, throwing up."

Magic and Yogi's owners sent emails to supervisor Hillery Ronen who then contacted the San Francisco Recreation and Park department. They checked maintenance records.

"There's no record of any fertilizer application or any type of herbicide application at the park, at this park, in over a year," said Connie Chan of the department. "We have recently planted grass in the area, however; none of that should be impacting anyone."

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"Dogs aren't like people," said dog owner Chris Johnson. "When they come to the park, they put their nose right into the ground. My dog eats the grass."

Lots of dogs were still out playing Monday evening, but owners felt uneasy and some confessed they've noticed their dog being off.

"The last couple of days he hasn't been feeling so great," said another dog owner Robin Whitley. "But not throwing up or anything like that, just not eating."

For now, what made the dogs sick is a mystery. The recreation and park department is investigating and encouraging public input.

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