Pennsylvania family creates bucket list for dying golden retriever

A Pennsylvania man is setting an example of how to say goodbye to a loved one who's wagging his tail to the end.

The furry friend's name is Mr. Molson, a 12-year-old golden retriever who was diagnosed with cancer three months ago and not given long to live.

The dog's family is giving Mr. Molson a bucket list of sorts. He's now a firefighter, a police sergeant, and an honorary president of a local electrician's union.

Mr. Molson's dad, Tim, wanted his best friend's last days to be special. "Everybody was sad and partially with the kids also, I wanted to try to take it as an opportunity to be less negative about it. It's been 12 weeks since his surgery and in those 12 weeks, we've had a lot of fun," Tim said.

Tim is teaching his children a lesson in letting go and the kids are doing their best to accept that Mr. Molson is going to leave them soon.
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