Pet owner says coyote killed beloved cat in Sunnyvale neighborhood

SUNNYVALE, Calif. (KGO) -- Lisa Callan's husband was leaving for work around 5 a.m. when he made the gruesome discovery.

"Saw three...coyotes attacking my cat of nearly 14 years," Callan said.

Their surveillance camera captured video of the coyote in the street with Snowball.

"As I was coming out to collect what was left, there was one that came back-- literally within feet," Callan told ABC7 News.

She said she had no idea coyotes were roaming the neighborhood. Sunnyvale police say there have been increased sightings lately.

Snowball is the second cat killed this month.

"We live in a city but we actually have a wildlife interface, especially along out-- west side of town because of Stevens Creek," said Captain Shawn Aheam of the Sunnyvale police. "A lot of wildlife use that to travel back and forth."

The Callans are relatively new to the neighborhood. They moved from England with Snowball in 2011. Longtime residents were just as surprised about the coyote4s.

Some didn't believe Callan at first. "I saw the Coyote coming up and I was shocked," said neighbor James Allen. "I did not plan on seeing a coyote at all."

Snowball was a neighborhood favorite. Callan hopes his death serves as a warning to others-- to bring their pets in at night.

The coyotes should move on if the food sources goes away.

"There's nothing more I can do for Snowball, so I just want to save lives," Callan added.

Sunnyvale police say people should report coyote encounters to fish and wildlife officials.
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