Police on the hunt for cat killer in San Jose

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Police are now actively looking for a cat killer in the Cambrian District of San Jose. This comes after ABC7 News aired a series of stories this week on cats that went missing or were found dead.

"We need to find the person who's taking these cats from their homes and possibly torturing them or killing them," said Detective Stella Cruz.

VIDEO: San Jose woman believes cat killer on the loose

Cruz, who has two cats of her own, believes recent reports of missing and dead cats are connected.

The most important evidence is security video we showed you in our first report this week. The video appears to show 17-year-old GoGo abducted from his front door lawn last Monday.

After the video went viral, we received more reports of cats in the city's Cambrian District who were missing or found dead by blunt force trauma.

Janice McKimmie's 15-year-old Beardsly was found five miles away, buried ritualistically in a box that served as a makeshift coffin

"He had plastic around him and there were rocks on top of the box," she said.

VIDEO: SJ woman says video shows beloved cat stolen from yard

Another cat owner who did not want to be identified because she does not want to be a victim of retaliation says her cat, a 13-year-old Siamese named Rayden, was found dead Wednesday a mile and a half in the hills above her home.

"His face was crushed, his jaw was crushed," she said. "There were no animal bites or puncture wounds."

The San Jose Police Department's Assault Unit is now actively investigating.

"We are canvassing neighborhoods looking for surveillance videos, interviewing victims and interview any other leads that may come about," said Cruz.

If you have a cat that's missing in that area please call police.
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