This Chihuahua's bedroom is perfectly sized

When building her home, Betty McCall made sure all of her family had the space they needed.

McCall explained in a YouTube video that her dog, Poncho, often gets nervous when a lot of people are over, so instead of putting him in a dog crate, she decided to build him a bedroom under the stairs.

McCall's nephew shared images of Poncho's room on Imgur, and the dog's adorable room went viral. Many of the comments reference J.K. Rowling's popular Harry Potter book series, whose title character slept in a cupboard under the stairs when he was living at the Dursley household.

Poncho's room is furnished with a brass bed frame that was made for an American Girl doll, a miniature dresser and lamp, a framed image of dogs playing poker and even a miniature piano.

"Poncho ended up with quite a room," McCall said on YouTube. "He thinks he deserves it all, so I guess it's okay."

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