Willow Glen residents concerned about dog poisoning warning

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Many people return home from work and take their dogs for a walk. However, in one San Jose neighborhood, residents are avoiding one particular trail because of a warning that someone may be leaving out poison to sicken dogs.

The word has been spreading quickly on social media after one resident posted a warning to fellow animal lovers in Willow Glen.

San Jose Animal Care & Services has not yet verified whether a dog has been poisoned, but a sample of a suspicious substance, possibly cat food laced with something toxic, has been obtained for analysis.

Dog walkers are naturally concerned.

When asked how popular the trail is for walking dogs, Willow Glen resident Chris Dresden responded, "Very. A lot of people use it, mostly I would say the other section from Willow to Minnesota is very popular, but also this section too."

It may take a week or longer for the lab test results. San Jose police and park rangers have been notified about the incident.

The best advice for now is for dog walkers to be vigilant.

"Especially if you're walking on a trail, you don't want your dog to just randomly eat any substance on the ground because you don't really know what that substance could be. It could potentially be toxic or harmful to your animal," San Jose Animal Care & Services' Capt. Jay Terrado said.

As much as people enjoy walking their dogs on the Three Creeks Trail, some people say they will avoid it for a while.

"We either would avoid the trail or just be sure that the dogs are always on a leash. I think for the next few days I would avoid the trail," dog walker Debbie Erwin said.

Nearby animal clinics say they haven't treated any dogs for suspected poisoning.
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