PG&E holds earthquake preparedness drill

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- PG&E held earthquake preparedness drills in the Bay Area Tuesday.

PG&E was conducting the massive drill that had employees responding to a magnitude 8.0 earthquake inside a simulator in downtown San Francisco.

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"It's the world's largest earthquake simulator. We're here today to try to get the people of San Francisco to think about, if there were a major earthquake are they going to be prepared?" Ready America CEO Dean Reese said.

Reese is the man behind the simulator, the Big Shaker.

He says the public can learn that lesson from just a few seconds inside.

"We want them to think about securing all the furniture in their home so it doesn't fall on their children, we want them to think about do I have a kit," Reese said.

The big shaker is only part of the PG&E emergency drills taking place companywide Tuesday.

"The big one is inevitable. So, what we do is we annually practice an earthquake drill in addition to some other drills that we do during the year. It really helps improve our coordination," PG&E Spokesperson Matt Nauman said.
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