Fallen tree knocks out power in Oakland Hills

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- A pine tree fell overnight in Oakland, knocking out power and blocking a street.

It happened before midnight on Fernwood Drive in the Montclair neighborhood.

Ann Ludwig lives in the home next to where the tree fell.

"We were home in bed, and about midnight a large crash - a tree coming down - we heard. We came out. No electricity. And this was a repeat of what happened to us in April. In early April a big tree came down, landed 10 feet from our house," Ludwig said.

No one was hurt when the trees fell.

"It is such a large crash. You walk out and it is so dark you can only smell the tree. It smells like Christmas- except it's not. The last tree landed not ten feet from our house so I am just thankful it has always happened at night and no one has been hurt," said Ludwig.

PG&E says 25 customers lost power. The utility is working to get it turned back on by 1 p.m.

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