PG&E Power Outage Shut Off: Oakland Zoo worried about animal safety, especially endangered species

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019
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Oakland Zoo officials are worried about their food supply and animals during the PG&E power outage, especially the endangered species who can't afford to lose power, even for a moment.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- The PG&E power outage has caused the Oakland Zoo to close Wednesday.

Zoo employees tell us they are most worried about their food supplies and endangered species whose exhibits require power to keep them alive. Some cannot handle losing power for even a moment, especially in the biodiversity center.

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ABC7 News Reporter Kris Reyes spoke to zoo officials about this.

"It's absolutely critical," said conservation manager Margaret Rousser. "This is life support for these frogs. We have some critically endangered frogs in here and most of them are adapted to high elevation - 10,000 feet or so."

We learned they turned on generators, which will keep the zoo running for a few days, according to zoo CFO Nik Dehejia.

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"Then we need to go and obtain some more fuel," he said. "We have food. Dry food for about two weeks. We have produce for about a week."

Dehejia says if the power continues to be out, the zoo would have to move their cold food to a storage facility in Downtown Oakland.

Officials did not say when they think the zoo will reopen.