PG&E Power Shutoffs: North Bay residents, businesses on edge with possible outage looming week before Thanksgiving

SONOMA COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- There's a lot of stress in the North Bay, as residents gear up for another round of PG&E power shutoffs. For some businesses, the timing is terrible, one week before Thanksgiving.

It's "go time" at the Whole Pie Bakery, where workers have stacked holiday pie boxes to the ceiling. They've got 600 orders for Thanksgiving, but baking may not happen if PG&E shuts the power off this week.

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"We will go out and plead for a refrigerated truck in the parking lot if we have to, we can't call people and say, PG&E has ruined your holiday," said owner Trish Davis.

Davis says the last power shutoff nearly put her out of the pie business.

Extension cords, generators, and back-up lighting are ready inside the Oakmont Village Market, which serves a large retirement community. Last month the power was out for about five days.

"No, I'm not ready for another round, I'd like to fly to Hawaii and avoid it," said resident Louise Bowe.

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Janet Schade was stocking up on supplies.

"I'm going to buy enough food for three days, take it to a friend's and put it in a cooler," said Schade.

PG&E says high winds could prompt a Public Safety Power Shutoff Wednesday Morning, which could last 48 hours.

"PG&E will safely restore the power in stages with the goal of restoring most customers by end of day Thursday," said PG&E Spokesperson Deanna Contreras.

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Trish Davis just hopes there will be pie for all.

"We just wait with cases of butter and eggs - and everyone's Thanksgiving dessert on the line," said Davis.

Officials in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County are advising residents to be prepared. Charge your cell phones, have a full tank of gas, and have flashlights and batteries on hand.

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