PG&E outage brings anxiety for seniors at Fremont mobile living facility

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Tuesday, October 29, 2019
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Teresa is 93. She needs an oxygen tank to breathe. Teresa says she's normally pretty calm, but the power outages and wind storms are becoming "too much."

FREMONT, Calif. (KGO) -- This afternoon, there was a feeling of despair as residents of the Niles Canyon Mobile Home Park in Fremont anticipated another night without power.

"I'm not supposed to be under stress, but it's stressful and for other people, probably more so," said Teresa Innerbickler who lives at the senior living center, which had its power turned off over the weekend by PG&E.

She's 93, and needs an oxygen tank to breathe.

"I'm usually pretty calm, but this is just too much and it shouldn't be," she said.

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Adding to the stress, her carport came down during yesterday's wind event, which sent residents scrambling for safety.

Bruce Henke has been checking up on his neighbors throughout the outage.

"People that are in walkers, people that are in electric chairs, people that are on oxygen... their minds aren't as sharp as they were when they were younger, and they need a lot of help," he said.

That help has also been coming from the Fremont Fire Department.

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"Given the gravity of the situation, we'd rather be over-prepared, then under-prepared," Fire Chief Curtis Jacobson said.

He says the fire department is ready to help.

"Two additional engines inside the city, and we've up-staffed from 3 to 4 personnel on two of our engines that are in the hill region, just so that we can get a very, very quick attack, before something as the opportunity to escalate," he said.

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