Passengers on flight from Oakland to Hawaii evacuated after report of possible smoke

HONOLULU (KGO) -- Passengers on a Hawaiian Airlines flight from Oakland to Honolulu used emergency slides to evacuate on a runway after the cabin filled with smoke Thursday.

Seven people went to the hospital, but none of the injuries was believed to be serious.

"It was a very terrifying moment," passenger David Gelber said. "I thought I was going to die."

Nearly 200 passengers were forced to cover their faces to prevent dangerous smoke inhalation.

"All of a sudden, the cabin just filled with smoke," passenger Lucky Cara said. "We all had to do like this (holds cloth) to breathe and prepare for an emergency landing."

The smoke set off a warning in the cockpit and prompted an emergency landing.

The plane deployed all eight of its emergency slides, and rescue workers urged everyone off the aircraft while plumes of smoke still floated through the cabin.

"There was visible smoke in the cabin, and that's what prompted the emergency response," Hawaiian Airlines COO Jon Snook said.

Five adults and two children were taken to the hospital.

Hawaiian Airlines said a seal failed in the aircraft's left engine, causing oil to leak onto hot parts of the plane's engine and air conditioning pressurization system.
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