Beer lovers line up for Pliny the Younger IPA at Russian River Brewing Company

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- This year's batch of Pliny the Younger beer was released today and fans say not only is it delicious, but they didn't have to wait in line as long for it as they have in year's past. The Russian River Brewing Company now has a new tasting room, in Windsor, which is helping cut down on the wait time.

"This is much shorter. Last year at this time it was around the corner and the year before that it was around the second corner. I think with the secondary location and the threat of rain the crowd is just nothing," said Mary Dearborn of San Ramon.

People still camped out overnight in front of the Santa Rosa location to be the first inside to sample this year's beer.

Lindsay Waddell got in line at 11:00 a.m. Thursday. The tasting room was scheduled to open at 11:00 a.m. Friday, but opened about 15 minutes early.

"I know a lot of the folks at this location here, I have always come to this location. So I would probably roll that way. I have been to the Windsor location, it is really nice," Waddell said.

Co-owner Natalie Cilurzo says she is not surprised that people still showed up in Santa Rosa.

"This meets expectations. I expected people to show up to the Santa Rosa location because it is the original location. A lot of people like the vibe of the pub here because it is a real brew pub," said Cilurzo.

She went on to say: "Windsor is a totally different experience. It's beautiful, I am proud of it. I hope people might visit both and check it out."

Pliny the Younger is available once a year for two weeks and can only be consumed in the tasting room. Fans get excited about it because it is a triple IPA.

"It is so incredibly smooth for a triple and they change it up a little every year so you never know what to expect," Dearborn said.

The makers say they limit it because it takes twice as long to make and it is more expensive.

"It is 10 and a quarter percent alcohol and it's a very hoppy beer. The raw materials, ingredients, that go into it are extraordinary," said Cilurzo.

She says she is always relieved when she sees a line of people wanting to taste the beer.

"We never take it for granted. My husband and I always say this could be the year that no one shows up. We started making this beer 15 years ago. There's like 9,000 breweries in America now. 15 years ago? I don't know how many there were but maybe 1,500 at the time. There's a lot more competition a lot going on in the beer world," she said.

The Russian River Company has released details for beer lovers on the Pliny the Younger release. Here are other possible locations where you can find the beer.

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