Police seek tip in Marin cold case

MARIN COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- Sometimes, police get a case they just can't solve and also cannot leave.

"It's a horrible, senseless crime," said Margo Rohrbacher of the Central Marin Police.

It is a case so cold and old that in the Larkspur apartment complex where it happened, the paint has changed, as have many of the tenants.

Little did they know that this day marked its anniversary in 1993 when police found 92-year-old Ursula Cinollo dead in her apartment after being stabbed multiple times in the chest with her own kitchen knife. She was a mother, grandmother, widow, and invalid who survived the 1906 earthquake.

Ursula Cinollo has the unique distinction of being Larkspur's only unsolved murder victim in twenty-five years.

When the Central Marin Police mentioned the anniversary and asked for tips. We wondered if they were on to something.

"We think somebody has information out there for us that could help us solve this crime," said Rohrbacher.

"Based on what?" we asked.

"I can't say."

It was a somewhat cryptic answer from a police spokesperson who may have been restricted by what she could say, and yet seeks a final, cold case breaking clue.

You can reach the Central Marin Police at: 415-927-5150.

Or email them here:TIPS@centralmarinpolice.org.
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