Two House Democrats question Nancy Pelosi's leadership abilities

WASHINGTON (KGO) -- California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is coming under criticism, not from Republicans but those thought to be loyalists in her own party who are questioning her leadership abilities.

Pelosi says she is not worried about what two colleagues said about her leadership on Tuesday.

On a Boston TV show, Reps. Steve Lynch (D-Mass.) and Michael Capuano (D-Mass.) were asked if it's time for Pelosi to relinquish her power in the wake of disastrous losses in the last two midterm election cycles.

"Nancy Pelosi will not lead us back into the majority," Lynch answered.

"They just haven't been my friends all along and so, again, it's the least important thing I have to tend to today," Pelosi responded.

The 75-year-old has led House Democrats since 2003, serving as speaker when the party was in control.

Chris Lehane, who worked in the Clinton White House and remains a Democratic strategist, believes there is no widespread grumbling about Pelosi -- just personal ambitions.

"Some of what is going on here are people playing a bit of the long game and looking to try to position themselves within the Democratic caucus far down the road," Lehane said.

"I think they should keep her on as leader. I think it's great. As a Republican, if they come up with more competent leadership that's in touch, it's harder for us," Vice Chairman of the California Republican Party Harmeet Dhillon said.

But already one of the critics, Rep. Capuano, is backtracking, saying on Wednesday he believes Pelosi is making the changes necessary to lead the Democrats back to electoral success.
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