Gun control activists look to what's next after 'March for our Lives'

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The day after March For Our Lives rallies from coast to coast, student organizers in the Bay Area are looking ahead to what happens next when it comes to gun control.

17-year-old Maya Tersigni from Westmont High School in Campbell spoke before the crowd about ending gun violence.

"I wasn't nervous I felt like I was speaking to individuals who were there to listen," said Tersigni.

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The big question is what happens next. Well the marches lead to real change with gun control laws. Some are encouraged.

"This is significant, the fact young people are taking ownership of this issue like we saw during the Vietnam war," said SJSU Political science professor Melinda Jackson.

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Students know change won't come easy.

"If everyone rallies together, if you vote you have the power to change the political climate in the country every vote does matter," said student Maya Segal from Menlo Park.

Many students say their next step is getting out the vote and getting friends interested in registering.

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