Al Gore visits Stanford for 'Day of Action'

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Students at Stanford University invited Former Vice President Al Gore for a "Day of Change" rally to raise awareness for climate change. (KGO-TV)

Former Vice President Al Gore visited Stanford University Friday night to talk about climate change. However, it is the conversation he's not having that has a lot of people talking.

Stanford students invited Gore for a rally called "A Day of Action" to raise awareness for climate change. More than 50 campuses nationwide also took part in rallies like it on Friday.

Gore told the students they need to start making changes that have a significant impact on California and everywhere else in the world. He said it starts with students' willingness to want to take action and better educate themselves on the issue.

The former presidential nominee has been a popular figure at Stanford. Students attribute his efforts on really opening up the conversation about climate change.

Gore says we can already see the devastating impacts of global warming.

"Must we change? Yes, we've got to change! We're putting all this pollution up there into the atmosphere, the cumulative amount of man-made global warming pollution now traps as much extra heat energy everyday as would be released by 400,000 Hiroshima-class atomic bombs exploding every 24 hours. It's a big planet, but that is a lot of energy."

His message resonated with the crowd. Many students said they were hopeful that Gore may announce another run for presidency. However, on Thursday when asked if he would run, he did not deny or confirm that he would make a run for president in 2016.

Students hope their rally will help be a big push for world leaders, who will meet in Paris in two months, to negotiate and adopt a new agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

"It's very exciting to see activism and just the drive my fellow Stanford students have put in this event because I really think that we are members of future and we're already getting involved," student Maria Doerr said.

"I feel like since he has the experience as vice president and he's really involved with climate change movement, I feel like he would be pretty good presidential candidate," student Eric Macias said.
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