UC Berkeley says 'Free Speech Week' will cost a million dollars

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- There is a lot of commotion in Berkeley now over plans for the upcoming "Free Speech Week" which is slated to run Sunday through Wednesday.

As Cal gears up to play their big Saturday afternoon football game against US C, an attorney for student organizers of "Free Speech Week" says they will be announcing a final list of speakers at a treasure island press conference tomorrow.

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Self-proclaimed right wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos posted a photo on Facebook today saying he was headed to San Francisco and that there will be a march through Sproul Plaza Sunday at noon.

But Ann Coulter emailed the Associated Press that she was canceling her appearance at Berkeley. Steve Bannon is still on the Berkeley patriot list of prospective speakers but it still unknown if he'll show up.

UC Berkeley says they will remain focused on providing security and will let it play out however it does.

Cal says they've contracted with other local law-enforcement agencies to gear up for four days of events so that they can secure Sproul Plaza in a way that might be similar to how things played out for Ben Shapiro's appearance last week.

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With all of the protests that take place across the Bay Area, SF public defenders are reminding residents of their legal rights if they're arrested.

Cal says "Free Speech Week" will cost $1 million.

Berkeley police chief Marco Bennett took it a step further. "When you say $1 million that's a small cost, I expect that to be multiplied several times over before this is over with."

Campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof says people are unhappy. "They came here to study, to teach, to do research and not to be part of a circus."

A UC Berkeley freshman student said some professors have made attendance next week not mandatory so that students can feel safe about whether or not they choose to come to campus

Lawyers representing the Berkeley Patriot group filed a federal complaint today accusing the University of putting up bureaucratic hurdles and charging them extra fees for securing venues for "Free Speech Week". They accuse the University of stifling free speech.

But Cal says their commitment to the first amendment is unwavering and that the proof is that they're spending $1 million on Security to make sure free-speech happens.

Click here for a list of speaker times according to the event's website.

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