California Republicans react to Ted Cruz ending presidential campaign

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- After a poor showing in Indiana, Ted Cruz ended his run for the Republican nomination. It's a move that caught California Republicans off guard.

Cruz was a keynote speaker Saturday at the state GOP convention in Burlingame. Now Trump has to start mending fences.

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"All these men and one woman who ran for president are great Americans. And now he has to talk about his cabinet. He has to talk about his running mate. He has to talk about who he's going to put on the Supreme Court," CA Republican Party Vice Chair Harmeet Dhillon said,

National party chairman Reince Priebus quickly tweeted support for Trump and Republicans began focusing on defeating Hillary Clinton.

Her Democratic competitor, Bernie Sanders, also won in Indiana and vowed to fight on.

San Jose State political science professor Melinda Jackson said Secretary Clinton still leads by an overwhelming margin, so California voters will still have a voice but may not save Sanders' candidacy.

"Bernie Sanders supporters still want to be able to cast their vote for Bernie even if the reality is settling in at this point that he's probably not going to be on the ticket in November," Jackson said.

The California primary is June 7.
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