'Where we grew up wasn't Mar-a-Lago:' Eric Swalwell kicks off presidential campaign at Alma mater Dublin High School

DUBLIN, Calif. (KGO) -- The newest Democrat running for president is from the Bay Area. Congressman Eric Swalwell made it official today from his hometown of Dublin by kicking off his campaign.

Rep. Eric Swalwell returned to Dublin High to kick off his presidential campaign. He graduated from this school 20 years ago.

"I see a few surprised former teachers of mine who didn't expect to see me today," said Swalwell.

He said the Dublin he knew growing up was far from the world of Donald Trump.

"To be fair, it wasn't Mar-a-Lago, in fact neighboring cities had a nickname, they called it 'Scrublin'," Swalwell said.

The congressman and former Alameda County prosecutor told the crowd of about a 1,500 people what his campaign's top priority will be: gun control.

"San Bernardino, Pulse, Vegas, nothing, nothing," he told the crowd.

No action by fellow lawmakers has left the candidate frustrated trying to stop gun violence.

"I'm the only candidate who says ban and buy back every assault weapon in America," Swalwell said.

"He said enough is enough. I believe there are a lot of killings," said Pat Gacsoscos from Union City.

In his campaign video, Swalwell highlights his Midwest roots. Born in Iowa, the son of a police officer, in a family of Republicans.

Swalwell joins the presidential race in a growing field of Democrats, but does he stand a chance? Many say "yes."

"Should he be at the table? Yes, Is he guaranteed the winner? Nobody is," said Swalwell's friend Bryan Parker.

Some voters we spoke with remain undecided.

Swalwell proposes a public healthcare option made available for all to compete with private plans and Medicare for those who want it.

He also proposes no-interest federal student loans to help make education accessible for all.
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