Contentious no-vote against Trump leads off RNC

CLEVELAND (KGO) -- Monday was the Day 1 of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Thousands gather inside Quicken Loans Arena while protesters gathered outside, carrying signs and chanting about justice, racial equality and immigrant rights.

But the loudest yelling was heard on the convention floor.

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Shouting erupted when an anti-Trump group tried to force a roll call vote on the convention rules. Their attempt failed.

Normally a quiet procedural move at the start of the RNC, the approval of the convention rules descended into chaos. This time, delegates who oppose Donald Trump demanded a roll call vote in a last ditch effort to unbind delegates who don't want Trump as their nominee.

That effort quickly squashed by a voice vote.

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"Sixteen or 17 candidates started. He's the only one left. He wound up our nominee. If they can't understand the process, I don't have to explain it to them," said Chuck McDougall.

They may not have always been Trump supporters, but Bay Area delegates say they're now on board.

When asked if she feels the party will be behind Donald Trump by the end of the week, Vanila Singh, a delegate from San Francisco said, "Absolutely, I believe they already are."

For all the excitement inside the arena, outside there was unprecedented security.

Many delegates didn't seem to mind the extra precautions and the protests.

"I support the protestors right to protest, they do have the right," Cynthia Blake, an RNC delegate, adding, "I just don't like the fact that our first responders are being put at risk, given the tension in the country."

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