Democratic Debate watch party attendees praise presidential candidates

NEW HAMPSHIRE (KGO) -- The Democratic Debate in New Hampshire started with a potentially explosive situation, pitting the Clinton campaign against the Sanders camp over the data breach.

ABC News Anchor David Muir quickly asked about the breach and Sanders apologized to Secretary Clinton and to his supports.

"This is not the type of campaign that we run. And if I find anybody else involved in this, they will also be fired," Sanders said.

Sanders suspended two more staffers Saturday.

Even with this issue, debate watchers described the candidates as congenial. "Especially considering what happened in the last 48 to 72 hours, the database debac," San Francisco resident Rick Hauptman said.

A watch party organized by Clinton supporters included Sanders fans. "I think all three of the candidates are very strong. But I don't think that Bernie Sanders placates," Los Angeles resident Carlson Muss said.

Even former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley got props.

"The fact that he's aware of criminal justice, injustice as a matter of fact, all these things so that they're more connected to the people than I would say the Republican candidates," San Francisco resident Angela Jenkins said.

This debate veered from questions about Syria to helping grow the United States economy to defeating ISIS.

But the debate took a sharp turn when candidates were asked about heroin addiction. "I have laid out a five-point plan about what we can do together," Clinton said.

The event hosts said that was especially meaningful for this venue.

"To hear presidential candidates address drug addiction at a rehab center for recovering drug addicts was very special," event co-host Christine Pelosi said.

The part was at the Delancey Street Foundation Caf.

This was the last debate of the year for both parties and the first primary of the year is in New Hampshire on February 9.

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