Federal workers relieved shutdown is over, but wonder when they'll be paid

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (KGO) -- NASA-Ames Research Center worker Brenden Sanborn hopes this is the last food giveaway he'll need for a while now that the government shutdown is over.

"I'm relieved with some reservation, excited I'm going back to work," said Sanborn.

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Sanborn has a family, but no paycheck for the past month. He was forced to sell some prized possessions.

"I sold my guitar, you've got to make ends meet," said Sanborn.

Second Harvest Food Bank held a food giveaway event Saturday for NASA employees in Mountain View. Seventy-four families showed up. They know it's still important for struggling families.

"I've heard from families, it's a lifesaver, they don't know when they'll be paid," said Cat Cvengros from Second Harvest Food Bank.

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"It will probably be next Friday before back pay rolls in," said Lee Stone, representing the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers.

The wait could be longer for Government contract employees like Nate Bush.

"We'll be set with food for two weeks, until check comes in," said Bush.

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The North Bay Coast Guard Spouse's Club went on Facebook Saturday for its ongoing food giveaway for military families in Novato.

Many hope another shutdown can be avoided in three weeks.

"Lots of stress over the past month, we have to be hopeful this is the end," said Heather McClantoc from the Spouse's Club.

If you were affected by the shutdown, you can share your story with us here.

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