Funeral for Nancy Reagan held in Simi Valley

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. (KGO) -- After two days of public viewing, about 1,000 people attended a private funeral service Friday for former First Lady Nancy Reagan. It was a private service for the people who knew her the best and loved her the most, especially through the eyes of the late President Ronald Reagan.

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"When he was on a movie set, or on the road for General Electric, or as a candidate, or as governor, or as president, he wrote her every single night," said former Secretary of State James Baker.

Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney read from a letter Ronald wrote to Nancy in 1981.

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"Browning asked; 'How do I love thee - let me count the ways?' For me there is no way to count. I love the whole gang of you," said Browning while reading the letter.

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"My parents were two halves of a circle," said daughter Patti Davis.

Her two children paid tribute to their mother, while acknowledging theirs was not always a close relationship.

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"But there were moments in our history when all that was going on between us was love, I choose to remember those moments," said Davis.

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Among the first ladies, a past president, and some of Hollywood's biggest stars there was a large measure of comfort in Nancy Reagan's passing; a strong sense that she will be exactly where she wants to be.

"Most importantly she will once again lay down beside the man who was the love of her life, as they always wished it to be, resting in each other's arms, only each other's arms, until the end of time," said son Ronald Reagan.

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