Gavin Newsom pulling hundreds of National Guard troops from border

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Governor Gavin Newsom announced that hundreds of National Guardsmen will be redeployed off the border to what he calls more appropriate venues. (KGO-TV)

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced Monday that hundreds of National Guardsmen will be redeployed off the border to what he calls more appropriate venues.

"I think this whole border issue is manufactured. The crisis on the border is a manufactured crisis," said Governor Newsom.

The announcement comes as President Donald Trump continues to make his case for a border wall as another partial government shutdown looms.

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"We need a wall and all of the other things are nice to have but without a wall it's not going to work," said President Trump today.

Governor Newsom says border crossings are the lowest they've been since 1971.

We're living in a state and in a nation where people that are here without documentation commit crimes at a substantially lower level than native born citizens," said Newsom.

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He says approximately 360 troops at the border will be redeployed by the end of March for fire prevention and to address the illegal cannabis grows in Northern California.

"I think it's a bad idea I think we need border security," said Howard Epstein, Vice Chair of Communications for the San Francisco Republican Party.

"I think the governor is trying to prove and show to the world that he's the most anti-Trump person in the world or among them anyway and that this will help him build his political career further down the line," Epstein continued.

Newsom called President Trump's request for an additional 3,750 troops to the border "political theater."

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"This whole thing is the theater of the absurd," said Newsom.

Governor Newsom says the 100 national guardsmen kept behind at the border will be primarily but not exclusively at ports of entry.

He also said that being at the border is keeping National Guardsmen from being prepared to deploy overseas because they can't get the training, skills or time off necessary.

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