Gov. Gavin Newsom talks taxes, wildfire liability, immigration and the homeless crisis

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- California Governor Gavin Newsom covered a lot of ground during an interview on ABC7's Midday Live. Newsom has been in office for 100 days as of April 17th and he wanted to talk about what has been going on and what is being planned in the future.

Newsom briefly addressed the public release of the redacted Mueller report saying, "we want the full report, we want transparency, we deserve transparency." Newsom turned the focus on the state of California.

GAS SURCHARGE- We asked for you to submit questions for the Governor, and many viewers responded with concerns over taxes - including what's being called a mystery surchage at the pump. ABC7's Jessica Castro asked the Governor about that, but he said he was not clear about this surcharge and said "I would be happy to get back to you."

ABC7 News has followed up with his office and sent him our report on the surcharge. We will update when we hear back.

WATER TAX- The Governor also addressed contaminated drinking water and his proposed tax that would cost water customers up to $10 per month. It would exempt low-income households.

"In many ways we're worse (than Flint, Michigan) in California. Let me just say this, if folks looked like me that weren't accessing safe and clean drinking water, we wouldn't be having this debate, we would have solved it years and years ago. This disproportionately impacts the black community and the Latino community," Newsom said.

WILDFIRE PROTECTION- Newsom reiterated his wildfire safety plan that he outlined last week. As far as electric companies, like PG&E, he said he has laid out three specific plans that legislature should be addressed by July 12. Read more about those proposals that could raise rates here.

IMMIGRATION- Newsom says the number of undocumented immigrants in California has dropped significantly, but he talks about an increase in immigrants seeking legal asylum. Newsom also talks about his recent trip to El Salvador and what else he is doing about immigration in the video above.

HOMELESS CRISIS- "The state of California has been absent on this issue. It's not an indictment of the previous administration, it's just never been the issue that's driven this state's policy," Newsom said. Newsom added that he is putting together policy with historic funding for homeless programs, both long and short-term strategies. Newsom also talks about a nearly $2 billion plan for affordable housing in the video above.

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