Mexico gives leftist Lopez Obrador big presidential win

MEXICO CITY (KGO) -- A new era for Mexico after a historic turnout in Sunday's presidential election.

Voters elected a new leader hoping to bring an end to corruption and violence that has plagued the country in recent years.

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With close to 63 percent of voter turnout -- Mexicans overwhelming backed Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Mexico's first leftist president in decades claimed victory as he signaled an era of change. "It was my first time voting in Mexico," said Manuel Gomez. He has just gotten off a flight from Mexico at Mineta San Jose International Airport.

Some still with the ink print on their finger showing they cast a ballot.

"It was a big step right there I think we're going in the right direction," said Rogelio Parocua of Stockton.

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A populist candidate, Lopez Obrador ran on an anti-establishment platform calling for an end to corruption, poverty and crime.

"The election of Lopez Obrador signals a real frustration on the part of the Mexican people and a willingness to try something radically different," said Roberto Gonzalez, a sociocultural anthropologist, and professor at San Jose State University. He's closely followed the election and says we might see a change in U.S. - Mexico relations.

"I think it's gonna mean for Mexico that it takes a much tougher stance on the U.S. and refuses to be intimidated by current administration remarks on Mexico," said Gonzalez.

President Trump took to Twitter to congratulate Lopez Obrador, saying "there's much to be done that will benefit both" countries.

Lopez Obrador will take office December 1.

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