New ad uses SF to try to sink Democrat in Georgia congressional race

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Bay Area residents are responding to a new ad that uses San Francisco to try to sink the Democrat in a hotly-contested congressional race in Georgia.

This is a race that President Trump has personally gotten involved in.

Do you know Jon Ossoff? He's a Democrat running for the Georgia congressional seat vacated by a Trump cabinet appointee and he's the subject of a sarcastic new ad airing in Atlanta suburbs.

"Hi Georgia. San Francisco just wanted to say thank you. We already have Nancy Pelosi as our congresswoman, now you're going to give us Jon Ossoff as OUR congressman," the ad says.

Bay Area donors have poured big bucks into this election, seen as a referendum on President Trump.

Ossoff is running for his first political office and nearly won enough votes in a Republican district to avoid a runoff. Trump cares so much, he's tweeted many times about Ossoff.

Now, this ad, paid for by a Super PAC, tries to link the candidate to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. "We're really excited that Jon Ossoff likes higher taxes. Pelosi and Ossoff weaken the military. ISIS? They're overrated," the ad said.

"Things like Pelosi and San Francisco and high taxes and so forth, and frankly even diversity, which is a subtle dig and something that will appeal to people who are actually not interested in diversity, and that's going to be true about some of the folks in that district," said Paul Holland, Silicon Valley venture capitalist and political commentator.

Polls show it's a tight race between Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel, so expect more ads. Spending already tops $30 million, making this the most expensive house race in American history.

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