Officials to discuss California's new gun safety bills

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The California senate public safety committee will discuss a number of gun safety bills already approved by the assembly on Tuesday. (KGO-TV)

The California Senate Public Safety Committee will discuss a number of gun safety bills already approved by the assembly on Tuesday.

To say it is easy to buy a gun in Florida is an understatement. A reputable gave that state an F score and on the opposite side of the spectrum are states like New York, Connecticut, Massachussettes and California.

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An AR-15 style rifle was used by the Orlando shooter. But because it was purchased in Florida, the rifle likely had a high capacity magazine with up to 100 rounds. California's strict gun laws only allow for a 10-round magazine. "We're so much more restrictive already. Florida law you can just get a gun over the counter as long as you are a resident of that state and there's not a waiting period," Imbert & Smithers Gina Rolsky-Feige said.

There is a three-day waiting period in Florida for handguns only, not assault rifles. "Why are guns that are so dangerous to human life available so easily," San Rafael Assemblymember Marc Levine said.

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On Monday, a group of California lawmakers addressed the issue by highlighting a number of new gun safety bills that have already passed the assembly.

One of the bills calls for stopping the sale of semiautomatic rifles that have bullet buttons intended to slow down the reloading process. It uses a sharp object like a bullet that allows the magazine to be removed.

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The couple involved in the San Bernardino shooting last December had rifles with bullet buttons.

Another bill would require that owners of ghost guns assembled from parts many times purchased on the internet must apply for a serial number and undergo a standard background check. "We think that this is the way to ensure that guns don't fall into the wrong hands," San Francisco Assemblymember Phil Teng said.

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Opponents said this wave of legislation will not stop these acts of violence. "Instead of trying to jam it through quickly, through both sides of our legislature in Sacramento, we are trying to take aspirin for cancer, it doesn't work," gun advocate Peter Buxtun said.

The state senate is expected to vote on these new bills this year and must be signed by the governor.

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